quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

"King Abdullah Economic City" - Saudi Arabia

KAEC is a 168 million sq.m economic city divided into 6 zones: a seaport, an industrial district, a residential district, a financial island, an education zone and a waterside resort.The sea port project will be developed on an area of 14 million sq.m and will have a capacity of 20 million 20-foot equivalent containers units (TEU) per year. The port's capacity will increase in phases. First phase capacity will be 1.6 million TEU.The port will be designed to receive new generation mega vessels, utilize global positioning technologies, advanced information management and automated process systems.Once completed the sea port will create 15,000 jobs. The port will also consist of a hajj terminal capable of handling 300,000 pilgrims during the hajj season.
Publish with agreement of: King Abdullah Economic City.

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